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  Saturday July 26
Sebastiani Theatre
176 First St. East
(707)996 2020
$5 and $7

Program 1A
Ages 3 and up
TRT: 45:00

Cinematic Bon Bons: Dance, animation, ephemoral films to delight the senses and spark dreams of flight. Most films have no necessary dialogue, otherwise in English

THE DIVE Kia Simon, Dir. From USA, no dialogue, (4:30)
Blithe dancers move fluidly in suspension-a sensational anti-gravity experience set to equally ethereal music.

MAIL BOTTLE by Andreas Palegolas, Sweden 2002 (1:00)
Award winning bubbly animated answer to the Swedish Post Office competition "To-From" where a bottle is tossed around the world collecting friendly messages

ONE MINUTE EGG by Katy Kavanaugh, USA (1:00)
Eggs tinted, eggs balanced, eggs animated-Eggs are beautiful! How do you like your eggs?

PRETTY BIG DIG Anne Troake, dir., New Foundland), no dialogue. (4:00)
Three mighty steam shovels exhibit their delicate potential in time-lapsed film.

REUNION by Terry Green and Nori Tolson USA 2002 (2:00)
A sensual overlay of Moroccan-scented graphics with Super8 footage of early childhood.

TO FLY by Mary Moran, USA 2001 (5:00)
A choreographer's composite of animation,Super8 footage of her childhood with, and swinging offer a poetic essay about a child's courage.

THE DREAM OF FLIGHT by Rick Rauci, USA 2003 (4:00)
Dreamily manipulated archival footage of images of flight set to Erik Satie will stay in memories 'til bedtime and longer.
TRANSFIXED by Jason Britski, Nova Scotia, Canada 2002 (1:48)
A boy discovers the wind from the car window and is transfixed by the sensation. Filmed in Super8 and transformed in video.
France (2:30)
Two videos by the French humorist and performance artist.
   Rien Ne Va Plus-Julie-Christine spins an optical illusion.
   Line Up-A sparky message goes in one ear and out the other Š.

BALLERINAS by Kunuk Platoú and Valerie E. Saunders,
Denmark (11:00)
Produced by an American who danced for the Royal Danish Ballet and a native Greenlander, here is a frolicking story of three girls who love to dance and enter a ballet school. The story truly captures the essence of a dancer's love of movement, the days in dance school and the thrill of finally getting to stage.

Program 1B
CINEMATIC GEMS TRT: 45:00 A collection of short live-action films from a diverse cross-section of stories, styles and paces, each a succinct and beautifully executed gem.

LA NOTA FINAL (The Last Note) by Maite Riviera de Carbonelle, Spain/Cuba 2000 (6:00) We see the streets of Havana as Gabriel searches for the perfect bottle to complete his own perfect scale in his own rhythm.

TILBAGE TI BYEN (Going Back Home) by Michael W. Horston, Denmark (18:00) Short Film Award, Berlin Kinderfilmfest 2000. A nine year-old girl and her family move from the Copenhagen city to the country and she's not happy about the move until she meets a hearty country girl her age who generously shows her a new world. English subtitles.

PUGALO (Scarecrow) by Alexander Kott, Russia, no dialogue (10:00) Gently paced and masterfully photographed black and white, the film shows a boy finding beauty amidst the stark landscape of the Russian steppes.

PRETTY BIG DIG by Anne Troake, Newfoundland, Canada 2002, no dialogue (4:00) Director Troake choreographed three mighty land excavators in an exhibition of uncanny grace.

Program 2
THE LETTER and shorts
TRT: 73:00 Ages 8 and up

Short: THROUGH MY EYES by Laurance Mazouni, (9:00), US/France, 2000
Through My Eyes journeys across five countries, following the elusive and innocent gaze of a child. Though border and language separate the children, the film explores the similarities of the reflexive nature between its subject and the lens.

Feature: THE LETTER by Denijal Hasanovic,(49:00) Bosnia/Poland, 2001
Screened at the Berlin Kinderfilmfest. Ten year-old, Aldin Stupar. lives with his mother and younger sister in a refugee camp. One day, his best friend Enes, who had lost a leg to a mine, breaks a crutch in a soccer game, and is forbidden to play anymore. The two boys craft a letter to NATO asking for new crutches but miss the mail truck. Ado embarks on the journey to the next post office and to growing up. People he meets along the way impart their philosophies and help him understand what is happening around him. Ado's hope and determination along with the kindnesses of these indomitable people, easily take the foreground to the backdrop of war-torn Bosnia, showing the perseverance of the human spirit starting in childhood.

Program 3
TRT: 103:48
ages 8 and up

DONG SUNG (The Little Monk) with short

Short: TRANSFIXED by Jason Britski, (1:48) Nova Scotia 2002
A boy discovers the wind from the car window and is transfixed by the sensation. Filmed in Super8 and transformed in video.

Feature: DONG SUNG (Little Monk) by Joo Kyung Jung, (102:00), Korea, 2003,
Received Special Mention at the Berlin Kinderfilmfest, 2003. Nine year-old Do-Nyeom lives in a remote monastery with an older novice and the abbot. When the boys' regimented though peaceful lives are interrupted by a visit from woman mourning her dead son and an exciting trip to the city, desires for earthly lives ensue. Though the abbot is kind, he is convinced that only monastic life can surmount Do-Nyeomıs ancestor's bad karma, leaving the boy to make a critical decision for himself. This film was part of the Berlin Film Festivalıs theme "towards tolerance." The program of the 2003 Kinderfilmfest included stories about children examining religions and differences.

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