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August 12 Vale, Oregon The Rex Theater

The Motion Factory Workshop
10:30 am-12:00pm
Artistic Director Kavanaugh will take participants through a sensory-heightening circuit prior to giving a presentation on the basic illusion of filmmaking through building flipbooks.

CINEMATIC GEMS TRT: 45:00 Ages 5 and up
A collection of short live-action films from a diverse cross-section of stories, styles, and paces, each a succinct and beautifully executed gem.

BALLERINAS by Kunuk Platoś and Valerie E. Saunders (11:00) Denmark. Produced by a former dancer with the Joffrey and the Royal Danish Ballet, here an animated story aptly capturing the essence of a dancer's love of movement, the days in dance school and the thrill of finally getting to stage.

LA NOTA FINAL (The Last Note) Maite Riviera de Carbonelle, Dir. (6:00) Spain/Cuba 2000 We see the streets of Havana as Gabriel searches for the perfect bottle to complete his own perfect scale in his own rhythm.

TILBAGE TI BYEN (Going Back Home) Michael W. Horston, Dir.; Denmark; Short Film Award, Berlin Kinderfilmfest 2000; 18 minutes; A nine year-old girl and her family move from the Copenhagen city to the country and she's not happy about the move until she meets a hearty country girl her age who generously shows her a new world. English subtitles.

PUGALO (Scarecrow) Alexander Kott, Dir.; from Russia; no dialogue; 10 minutes.
Gently paced and masterfully photographed black and white, the film shows a boy finding beauty amidst the stark landscape of the Russian steppes.

S a n F r a n c i s c o  S o n o m a  P o r t l a n d  V a l e